The City

Collegeville (1887, 1895)
College Delta (1898, 1899)
Oakwood (1899)
Cedar Banks (1900)
College Grove (1903)
Fairview (1904, 1905)
College Heights (1904)

Charter of 1907

Avondale (1913)
Bungalow Knolls (1916)
Chesterfield Hills (1916)
Ardson (1919)
Ridgeley Park (1921)
Strathmore (1925)
Glen Cairn (1926)

The Campus




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Significant Structures


Old Post Office, November 2003. Photo Credit: Kevin S. Forsyth.

Not what you expected?

An astonishing number of people find their way to my East Lansing history website by searching Google for "East Lansing post office" or some variant thereof. For reasons known only to the searchmeisters of Mountain View, among the top results from that particular search are my pages about the Old Post Office and Station Terrace—two buildings that formerly served as East Lansing’s post office.

Although both buildings are significant to East Lansing history, neither of those pages will help you find a place to buy stamps or send a letter. Why not try the United States Post Office site at instead? Or how about the USPS location search page, where a quick search by zip code (48823) will surely tell you what you need to know.

When you’re done there, you are heartily invited to return to A Brief History of East Lansing for a chance to learn more about the city where you (apparently) live. Thanks for visiting!

The Holy Earth

by Liberty Hyde Bailey