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The Trolley Station (1902—1924)

When the Lansing City Electric Railway Company extended its streetcar tracks onto campus in 1897, the College built a small waiting room at the terminus north of Faculty Row № 6. It was a necessary expedient but woefully undersized, particularly when the streetcar service saw its ridership rapidly increase thanks to its improved convenience for students.

“Post Office & Trolley Station,” with streetcar, date unknown but no later than 1912. Photo Credit: Beal, p. 277.

The “Post Office and Trolley Station”—not be confused with Station Terrace, which stood nearby—was built in 1902 to specifications made by Architect Bowd. It replaced the original waiting room and was built, in part, using materials recycled from a woodshed that had stood behind Howard Terrace. The structure was eventually expanded to both the north and south, and what started as a little utility building (and today is all but forgotten) ended up serving a wide range of purposes during its twenty-two-year lifetime:

When a new, formal boulevard was built in 1924 (now Abbot Entrance), the short railway loop and the trolley station were removed along with several other buildings. An idea was floated to re-purpose the trolley station as a canoe shelter near the Red Cedar River, and while such a building was erected during the summer of 1924, it is not clear whether the old depot served that need. It more likely was demolished. On its former site now stands Louise H. Campbell Hall.

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