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Another Blues Brothers linker

10 October 2005
Categories: Self-referential

Sun, 9 Oct, 17:13 CDT (GMT-5)
Conversations claiming that Jake and Elwood were Sox fans, rather than Cubs fans. Although this is almost a certainty since they were Southsiders, the errors in the accompanying text make me skeptical that there was ever a line like “Wrigley Field is the last place the cops would find us, we’re Sox fans.” (If there was, at the very least it’s a good line to cut, being much too self-obvious to the characters.) As usual, lots of misinformation flying around this thread—must resist the urge to set these bozos straight. Oh, and it now includes an attempt to bandwidth-steal my image of the parking tunnel, so I get a 403 error with every hit on that posting. (permanent link)