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Domo arigato

13 December 2005
Categories: Self-referential

This month’s web site traffic strangeness involves… Mister Roboto.

My goofy, six-year-old musing on an old Volkswagen ad is currently the number 3 page on my site. Six months ago it wasn’t in the top 30, but since then it’s been on a steady climb. Until this month.

Suddenly, my top ten search keyphrases include “volkswagen mr roboto”, “volkswagen roboto”, “volkswagen mr. roboto”, (note the dot) “mr roboto”, and “mr. roboto”. I know that the first three all place my page in the top 3 results on Google, and I think maybe “volkswagen mr. roboto” scored #1 earlier this week. But I have no idea whether it’s an improvement in Google ranking, or a resurgence of interest in an old ad, or a combination of the two, that has spurred this rise.

I do know one thing, and that’s that it feels a little weird to me. I wrote that silly piece of crap at age 30, and wrote it solely for the sake of writing it (oh, and to exorcise a bit of nostalgia for my youth as I entered my third decade). I don’t think I’d bother today, and it’s a tidbit of personal trivia that I don’t doubt is of zero interest to the many visitors who stumble in. Certainly, none have sent a response.