A new tool

23 August 2006
Categories: Self-referential

May have found a workable replacement for SSHTerm, which all along has shown signs of Java-related memory leaks, an unwelcome tendency to delay redrawing the screen when it regains focus, slow directory browsing, and some awful limitations (like not being able to sort a file-browsing window by date during a batch of uploads)… and the parent company having abandoned its development for a next-generation (i.e. payware) solution.

It’s called Bitvise Tunnelier, and while I always hesitate to say nice things about software that hasn’t yet failed me, it has some nice features. For one, when I connect to my SSH service, it will open both a terminal session and an SFTP session, while using the same single port. No more open this, then open that, and having multiple live connections between the client and server. For another—it’s free for individual use.

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