Asia Trip imported

21 September 2006
Categories: Self-referential

Well, turns out that getting the cURL extension installed to PHP5 wasn’t all that difficult, although I had to figure it out mostly by myself for no good reason.

It started with this command:

    sudo apt-get install php5-curl --fix-missing

…which failed with several errors about being unable to download certain packages. When I checked the download server I found that it only had version 3.2, while my server was looking for 3.1. Sure enough, there’s a simple command to deal with this:

    sudo apt-get update

…which regenerates the local package list. Then the previous command worked fine and installed it with no issues. It even plugged the extension into php.ini and restarted the Apache server. No sweat… except of course that this is yet another case of an utterly simple procedure that is glossed over or entirely unmentioned in the existing documentation.

Once this was done, yanking the Asia Trip entry off my old Blogspot account (now unused, but squatting so no one else becomes “Kevin Forsyth”) was a piece of cake.

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