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17 October 2006
Categories: Self-referential

In other news, my first weblog comment has appeared, in reference to my Sloucho post, and it’s an odd one:

Name: Trademark Answers » A paean to public access | URI: | IP: | Date: 13 October 2006

[…] Original post by Spontaneous Publicity […]

The link points back to another weblog, titled “Trademark Answers,” where the first few paragraphs of my post (or at least yesterday’s edit of it) are reprinted (poorly, losing paragraph breaks) along with a link to it. Seems like the whole thing is some kind of spamming autobot—no comments, no added content, nothing. I think maybe it got picked up because it includes the phrase “copyright issues.” How fucking ironic that this (intellectual property theft or breach of weblog etiquette?) occurred on a site about… copyright infringement!

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