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7 October 2006
Categories: Self-referential

So this WordPress implementation is pretty good. It was easy to install, and is fairly versatile. If nothing else it’s a convenient way for me to learn about templates and style sheets.

But there’s one simple setting that I’d love to have, that I know many other people want too, and yet I can’t find it anywhere. I just want a way to set a user level by category, so that posts marked with a given category can only be viewed by users with an access level equal to or higher than that of the category. That’s a complicated way of saying, I want a “private” posting category that only I and chosen others can read (or post to).

Amazingly, I’ve found more than one plugin where the author says “hoping to add that in a future release,” and one that purports to do exactly what I want—but the author has pulled it offline in anticipation of a new release that may never come (it’s been pending since March) and is responding to all calls to reinstate the old version with, frankly, petulance.

Sure, there’s a plugin to set the level of individual posts. So why not entire categories?