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7 December 2007
Categories: Rants

Okay, tin-foil hat time. I try not to get political, but this just bugs me.

Yesterday the President George W. Bush announced the phone number of a hotline that offers counseling to people who are at risk of losing their homes because they’re caught in the subprime lending crunch. He said the phone number to call was 1-800-xxx-HOPE.

Except the actual number is 1-888xxx-HOPE.

The 1-800 number is really for the Freedom Christian Academy, which “offers religious-based curriculum for home schooling and is located in Ponder, Texas, northwest of Dallas.” Oops.

A simple mistake? Maybe.

But I think not.

Bush is heavily into grassroots-style, Bible-thumping Christianity. He purports to be from Texas. His “No Child Left Behind” initiative has so screwed up the education system in public schools that expensive private schools and home schooling are the only real options remaining for parents who don’t want their children to grow up to be idiots or terrorists.

One is chance. Two is coincidence. Three means, you should have ducked the first two times.

Categories: Rants
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