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Not sure what to make of this

17 June 2010
Categories: Sports

In front of the hugely trendy and popular sports bar in my neighborhood, ESPN has parked a big customized flatbed truck. On the back is a giant LED monitor, airing their coverage of the U.S. Open, plus an up-to-date leaderboard.

Meanwhile, young, attractive ESPN flacks roam the block, carrying those mini-scoreboard-on-a-post things that follow pro groupings around—and those are updated too—while handing out free Pebble Beach 2010 / ESPN towels, the kind with the brass grommet and clip to hook onto a golf bag.

I usually want to boycott those companies that burn fuel to drive a billboard truck around town, or drag a banner behind an airplane trolling up and down the lakeshore… but I have to give these guys a little credit for the conceptual package.