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History of the Delta Launch Vehicle

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To Reach the High Frontier: A History of U.S. Launch Vehicles

"A valuable contribution to the field of aerospace literature," this book includes an extensive overview of Delta history and development along with chapters on Atlas, Titan, Scout, Space Shuttle, and much more.

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Many other excellent books about spaceflight are recommended here.



Schedule of Upcoming Launches

Dates and times from Spaceflight Now, NASA Launch Schedule, and the civilian-maintained U.S. Military Manifest.
Due to weather, range, and technical considerations, all dates and times are subject to change.
Last update, 09-Aug-18 18:18 UTC. RECENT CHANGES IN RED. (What about Delta IV?)
Launch     Window    Spacecraft                    Vehicle   Mgmt         Notes     Site    Wt.      Orbit parameters (nmi)
Date       Time UTC                                          Org.                           (lbs)    peri x apo x incl

*15-Sep-18 1246-1520 ICESAT-2                      7420-10C  NASA                   2W      3483     270 x 270 x 92° [planned]

One launch vehicle remains unassigned, and is likely to become a museum piece.

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History of the Delta Launch Vehicle by Kevin S. Forsyth