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Liberty Hyde Bailey School, 300 Bailey St. (1922)

Professor Bailey, circa 1886. Photo Credit: M.S.U. Archives.

Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr. (1858–1954, M.A.C. B.S. ’82, M.S. ’86) was Professor of Horticulture 1885–1888, after which he went to Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) to become Chair of Horticulture and later Dean of the College of Horticulture (1903–1913). He designed the nation’s first Horticulture Laboratory at M.A.C. (now Eustace–Cole Hall), and remains a world-famous horticulturalist to this day. His portrait hangs in the lobby of the Plant and Soil Sciences Building, and a larger-than-life statue graces the horticulture gardens behind PSS.

As Professor of Horticulture, Bailey resided on campus at Faculty Row № 9. His birthplace and childhood home in South Haven is now a National and State Historic Site as well as a museum and outreach center dedicated to his ideals and legacy.

This site was purchased by the school board in February 1922, and construction soon began on the district’s second schoolhouse (after Central School). The school was dedicated in June 1923, with Dr. Bailey in attendance.

L. H. Bailey School, November 2003. Photo Credit: Kevin S. Forsyth

Along with Central School, the East Lansing School District closed Bailey School in 1984, after which it became a community center. The city closed the center in 2015, citing excessive maintenance costs and numerous safety issues. Now the Capital Area Housing Partnership has secured government funding to convert the building into a mixed-use commercial and senior housing center. The project broke ground in September 2016 and the $6 million renovation was completed in early 2018.[ELI, 1 Nov 2017]