The City

Collegeville (1887, 1895)
College Delta (1898, 1899)
Oakwood (1899)
Cedar Banks (1900)
College Grove (1903)
Fairview (1904, 1905)
College Heights (1904)

Charter of 1907

Avondale (1913)
Bungalow Knolls (1916)
Chesterfield Hills (1916)
Ardson (1919)
Ridgeley Park (1921)
Strathmore (1925)
Glen Cairn (1926)

The Campus




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Chronology of the Michigan Agricultural College

1855–1870 1871–1885 1886–1900 1901–1915 1916–1925

Year Event or Building History
1886 Artesian well drilled  
1887 Silo, 18x30’, attached to north
end of 1862 cattle barn [Beal, p. 75]
Silo removed when barn moved, summer 1906
1888 Horticulture Lab Existing (Eustace–Cole Hall)
  Abbot Hall Demolished, 1968
  Howard Terrace Demolished, 1922
  Delta dedicated to Botany Dept. Platted for housing, 1897
  3rd Farm Lane bridge Replaced, c.1939
[Lautner, p. 142]
1889 Agriculture Lab, later Entomology Existing (Cook Hall)
  1st bath house Paint shop by 1913
[Beal, p. 272]
1890 Union Literary Society house English Building, 1927.
Demolished, c. 1954?
  Botany Lab burns  
1892 2nd Botany Lab Existing (Old Botany)
  Bachelor’s hall and third greenhouses built Greenhouse demolished, c.1955
1893 Dam rebuilt  
  Stone walks constructed  
1894 1st Hospital Demolished, 1924
  1st Power plant  
  Streetcar line reaches West entrance  
1895 Electric lights on campus
Belle Sarcastic gave milk for 738 lbs of butter
Irrigation for vegetable garden
Exp. Station barn built for grain
1896 White Elephant & Ping’s store  
1897 Dairy barn  
  Cold storage fruit house built  
  Waiting room for streetcar  
1898 Taft’s ponds in tamarack swamp  
  Gunson(?) plants sandhill pine experiment  
  MAC lighted by electricity  
1899 Coal shed  
  Rail road built from Trowbridge to the campus  
1900 Morrill Hall (“Women’s Building”) Demolished, 2013
  Gift, Class of 1900 Existing
  Farm foreman’s house moved Demolished, 1930
  Athletic field purchased for $1,137 Existing (Old College Field)
  Largest dairy barn  
  Pere Marquette spur (bridge over Red Cedar) [39th AR, p. 24]  
  Note: Italicized entries are from Beal’s “College as a River” timeline, 1913

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